Message from SSFI's founder

In 1984, my family came to the United States as refugees, but our lives were devoted to building peace back home in South Sudan. I founded South Sudanese Friends International because I firmly believe that the best way to help South Sudan is to involve local people in projects that teach them how to help themselves. 

Our strategies are based on the conviction that the people of South Sudan have a wealth of wisdom, knowledge, and skills serves as the basis for creating prosperous and peaceful lives. I'm especially proud that a new generation of Sudanese is embracing our vision. The American School of South Sudan is one example.

In the years ahead, SSFI plans to establish leadership and conflict resolution programs, medical outreach, and literacy centers in the small towns of South Sudan. Our work is funded through the generosity of individual donors and partner organizations. 

Experience with us the joy of hearing people say, "Yes! We can do this work ourselves!"

- Julia Duany, Ph.D. 

why we do it


Partnering with grassroots organizations for 20 years

SSFI develops grassroots initiatives in South Sudan. Projects include a school, girls mentoring program, and women's workshops; distributing agricultural and medical supplies; and sponsoring medical clinics and pastor training. Most importantly, we have led and participated in countless peace initiatives, including talks leading up to the Comprehensive Peace Agreement.

what we do

SSFI is a non-profit organization sponsoring grassroots projects that provide sustainable skills and resources to the people of South Sudan, empowering them to live peaceful and self-reliant lives. 

South Sudan is the youngest nation -- and one of the least developed. 4 million people are in an emergency level food crisis. 1.4 million are internally displaced. 3 states are in a civil war. Only 27% of the population is literate. More than 25% of the population has HIV or AIDs. Almost 75% don't have access to education, employment, or clean water. 

who we are